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The global expenditure on cybersecurity will reach up to $133.7 billion by 2022—Gartner.

Conversely, the global damage incurred due to lack of cybersecurity is estimated to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Considering these statistics, it is safe to say that cybersecurity is the topmost priority of digital business policymakers. Having a security-first mindset and business operation approach can save the business owners from malicious actors, especially the entrepreneurs. The startup owners who understand the criticality of cybersecurity can acquire trust and stable relations with both clients and target customers.

The digital landscape provides businesses with lucrative opportunities. On the other hand, cybersecurity threats and hackers also pollute it. However, that doesn’t mean that one should accept the potential cybersecurity losses without planning for the threat. Having a clear idea of potential threats and security risks and incorporating effective strategies could make it difficult for hackers to access your data. Since young businesses have a lot to compromise and risk, damage to the reputation could incur an incredible financial loss. With that in mind, one can draft the right plans and implement the precautionary measures for long-term success. Cybersecurity isn’t a business luxury afforded only by business giants; it is an essential aspect to be integrated by businesses of all scales.

  • Significant for all

More than 60% of the small and medium-sized businesses have to face challenges due to network and data breaches and end up closing within six months. Since hackers use automated scripts and crawl around the network, having no technology to secure sensitive data makes you vulnerable to malicious activity. Most young entrepreneurs don’t prioritize the security budget or dedicate a department for that purpose and end up collapsing. Nevertheless, having a professional security consultant or a team of security experts can extend your business’s survival and expansion possibilities.

  • Reliable employees are never enough

Your hired staff is the weakest link in protecting sensitive information and crucial company data. A simple lapse in judgment can grant unmonitored access to the potential hacker. Phishing tricks and spams are the most common methods used by hackers to trick employees. Falling into such traps means inadvertent compromise on server data, personal device information, and proprietary details. Make sure to train your employees and educate them about identifying and preventing these threats and security risks.

  • Vigilance is all it takes

A multitude of tricks and hacking methods exist for hackers to breach the company’s security and network. However, data breaches are the topmost priority of every business. Data hacking allows the cybercriminal to steal the information and resell it to other hackers in the black market. The data is used to forge false identities and copyrights. Make sure to share the sensitive credentials with third-party partners and vendors only when necessary. Integrate robust network infrastructure to control the flow of information and data. Revoke the third-party access as soon as the contracts end and projects are completed.

Cybersecurity is an expense that might not contribute to accomplishing targets for startups. However, it is a necessity without which business operations are an impossibility in this digital landscape. Book a free consultation with our experts to learn more about data and network security.

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