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The ubiquity of AI is what drives the palpable excitement associated with this technology. AI is often downplayed as the buzzword of the modern generation. However, in reality, the confluence of this technology occurred in the early ’50s and has now become a must-have aspect of every industry and human life. AI is not the concept of the future or the technology of tomorrow; it is an existing and evolving part of conventional business.

The technology is known for benefitting organizations with qualitative advantages and exponential growth. The unparalleled capabilities of AI are a godsend to both industry giants and small and medium-sized businesses. The recent data demonstrates the market size of worth $27.23 billion of Artificial Intelligence. Clearly, AI is the harbinger of the new digital age of enterprise with unprecedented growth potentials and expansion opportunities. Here’s how you can leverage AI and AI-powered tools to gain the competitive edge and scale up the growth to exponential levels:

  1. As customer experience improver

The entire business growth and development strategy revolve around the experience of the customer. Companies are now more focused on providing quick and improved customer service. It is reported that by 2020 more than 80% of the customer support queries and issues will be automated through conversational bots. The bots are trained to engage the customer, map out the query and compose responses accordingly. Deployment of bots at crucial customer touchpoints and sales-funnel helps in enhancing lead conversion.

  1. As decision-making facilitator

Determining the future growth prospects and deciding on company’s strategies depends on the available processed data. AI is equipped with the ability to process an enormous amount of data and providing actionable insights. Boosted with machine learning capabilities and big data, AI helps make business analytics faster, better, and more understandable. The technology allows you to know about customer’s changing behavior, letting you align the product recommendations and service customization accordingly.

  1. As a business marketing automator

Successful marketing forms the backbone of every business’s success and growth. From managing the online content to establishing new strategies, marketing is an overwhelming task for business owners. It is estimated that 52% of marketers could increase sales through AI-powered tools and solutions. The features of programmatic advertising and automated content optimizing tools help marketers manage campaigns and content strategy accordingly.

  1. As recruitment process enhancer

Finding the right talent is a significant challenge for businesses as it is crucial for building efficient teams. More than 63% of the hiring experts report that AI is changing how they recruit new talent. The automated screening feature allows the recruiter to filter out the right candidates that best fit the job requirements and description. It saves the recruiter’s time; instead, it also ensures timely recruitment of the best talent. The AI-powered tool samples the input company’s performance data and crawls through job application data to find suitable candidates.

AI will define and change the demographics of the business landscape, enabling the businesses to reach their full potential. If you have any queries about AI business integration, book a free consultation and let our experts guide you.

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